Founder & Technical Director

Sérgio Santos

The human being needs to fill his life with challenges that lead to overcoming himself, as always needed. Sport is part of these challenges.

Founder & Logistics Director

Anabela Santos

To achieve fullness, the body must have as an ally a mind focused on the defined goal.


David Matos

Do what most don’t, to get where most can`t.


Sara Urbano

Success is a consequence of dedication.


Ontrisports is born based on more than 20 years of experience in the triathlon modality of its founding partners.

Sérgio Santos, in the area of high performance triathlon training, coache´s facilitator, metabolic and biomechanical evaluations, and organization of several events, of which we highlight training camps, training and competitions.

Anabela Santos, in the area of the organization of competitions, judge, organization of judge`s courses and logistics administration of the organization of training camps, and various training actions.


Ensure support services to athletes that allow to enhance the best of each one, whether in high performance or amateur sport, both for national athletes and also for international athletes who boost the region where they are based, thus promoting sports tourism.

The training of different sports agents, namely coaches, is also a priority of Ontrisports in order to update portuguese coaches of the latest trends in the level of point methodologies.

Also with an international strategy, but this time attracting foreign customers, Ontrisports, with extensive experience and knowledge of the international market, will bring to Portugal several athletes and teams that simultaneously seek the technical services of Ontrisports, as well as the added value of the Region of Rio Maior with regard to the natural conditions for training in triathlon, cycling, running, swimming and other modalities.

The regular contact of the last years of the founders of Ontrisports with cutting-edge technologies and materials have enabled us to bring to Portugal innovative technologies, products and equipment that still do not exist in our market, such as the biomechanical assessment systems of the race and the tread, the fastest isothermal swimming suits in the world and software and platforms of interaction with athletes for “on-time” control of all the essential markers of training.

The creation of experiences and application of methodologies to date reserved for professional athletes, adapted to amateur athletes, is a priority of Ontrisports, either through the planning of training linked to assessments to recommend individual levels of training, or through training camps with higher standards of support and monitoring, in places of choice for sports training.


  • Frame and evaluate high performance athletes in order to obtain results of high international importance, with regular participations at the service of their National Teams;
  • Frame and evaluate amateur athletes in order to achieve better performance of each one, adjusted to their professional and family realities, with the main objective of fostering health, well-being and personal fulfillment;
  • Train coaches in the various areas of intervention of sports training, either through training actions, courses or workshops, but also in the form of internships for coaches through in-person practical training programs to monitor the routines developed in the day-to-day of a coach;
  • Organize training camps and competitive participations for athletes of all levels, in order to create enriching experiences from the sporting, personal and social point of view;
  • Provide access to innovative training methods that are tailored to all realities;
  • Work with athletes in a global concept, 360º, which considers all the valences that influence sports performance, health and well-being. To this end, Ontrisports surrounds itself with the best professionals in the construction of multidisciplinary teams;
  • Athletes and international training groups, whether for training camps, competitive participations and various evaluations that boost the region where it is headquartered, thus promoting sports tourism;
  • Partnerships with diverse entities, at regional, national and international level, that can support Ontrisports in achieving the objectives described above;
  • Introduction to the national market innovative products and services with a view to modernising training and competition methods.