Biomechanical Assessments

Biomechanical assessments in running, cycling and swimming are another important area of evaluation in order to study postural and technical execution aspects that can not only improve the gesture itself, but also and above all increase and efficiency and decrease the likelihood of injury.


It produces a visual report, which is sent to you immediately to your email.
By accessing this report, you can check the parameters that have been evaluated, and you will have elite parameters as the basis for comparison.
Be different, worry about your health!

If you’re a high-performance runner, you just like to run or go hiking, this is the assessment you lacked. The identification of biomechanical parameters that can be improved, the prevention of injuries, and the identification of the need to implement corrective exercises to solve any deviations found, is now possible quickly and accurately. As a result, expect increased effectiveness and efficiency of your running, an improvement in your walking mechanics, and a lower incidence of injuries by adopting movement patterns tailored to you.
How does it work?
  • Through a running or walking protocol on a treadmill using 3D cameras with analysis software;
  • It is the first system in the world without the need for points or markings. “Markerless system”;
  • An MP4 video file, “on-time” sent by email to the subject at the time the test ends;
  • It is produced, a visual report where it is possible to verify the parameters of elite runners, serving as a basis for comparison with the results obtained by each individual evaluation.


Service of evaluation and postural correction on the bicycle, aimed at all athletes, whether professional or amateur, aiming at increasing performance, not neglecting comfort and safety.

Swimming Technical Analysis

Swimming is one of the sports in which the technique most conditions performance. The coordination between propulsion and breathing, such as the execution of the technical gesture with the correct joint angles, saves a great deal of effort to the athlete, and increases their displacement in the water with less energy expenditure. To analyze the technique of the athletes in a complete way, we applied a protocol of bilateral, superior and underwater filming, with simplified interpretation and within reach of all.

Motionmetrix 3D – Running


Motionmetrix 3D – Walking


Currex Foot Print


Swimming Technical Analysis


Bike Fit Cycling

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