Sérgio Santos

The human being needs to fill his life with challenges that lead to overcoming himself, as always needed. Sport is part of these challenges.

Training is the path that guides you to the competition, up to the goal of each preparation, and this preparation process is one of the most determining factors for the final result.

I have had the happiness, privilege and pleasure of being able to help many athletes to follow this path, with the ever firmer certainty that those who work harder and better considerably increase the probability of achieving their goals.

Each at its level, according to its reality, aware of its limitations, deserves to be led by the least meander path.

It is this pleasure to share, to be by the side of athletes when they are still away from the goal, which is at the origin of ONTRISPORTS.

Biographical Note:

  • Silver Medal Coach at OG Beijing 2008
  • Elite World Champion Coach in 2007
  • 4X Head Coach and 1 X Team Manager at Olympic Games
  • Licensed in Physical Education and Sport by FMH
  • Masters Degree in High Performance Training by FMH
  • Title of Specialist in High Performance Training and Trainer Training
  • National Technical Director of the Triathlon Federation of Portugal 2000-2010
  • Desmor Technical Director, IN SA, 2010-2018
  • Technical Director at the Brazilian Triathlon Confederation since 2018
  • President of the Portuguese Triathlon Coaches Association between 2013 and 2020
  • Guest Assistant Professor at The Higher School of Sport of Rio Maior since 2010
  • World Triathlon Trainer and Coach since 2005