Sara Urbano

Success is a consequence of dedication.

All the effort and dedication that is placed in what we like to do is the main secret to achieving the goals outlined.

This applies not only to sport, but also to everything in my life, personal and professional. Give my best every day, work with dedication and make success a reflection of all this. But still never be satisfied and always want to be more and better.

ONTRISPORTS fits perfectly into this philosophy. The goal is to get our athletes where they want to go and achieve the goals they set, leading them to exceed all expectations with our individual planning and personalized monitoring.

Biographical Note:

  • Degree in Physiotherapy at ESS do IPS, Setúbal (Portugal) Level 6 QRQ
  • Postgraduate in Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal Conditions at Ips ESS, Setúbal (Portugal) Level 6 QRQ
  • Physiotherapist at Sporting Clube de Portugal`s futsal team , Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Physiotherapist at the Swimming Club “Os Belenenses”
  • Control and evaluation of elite swimmers at GACO for research purposes – Injury prevention and improvement of swimmers’ sports performance
  • Collaborating Physiotherapist of the Portuguese Swimming Federation, Lisbon (Portugal): Development of the Practical Manual for The Prevention of Injuries in Swimming – “Project +Swimming with future”
  • Speaker at the XIII National Congress of the Portuguese Society of Sports Medicine, with the theme: “Dynamic Stability Program of the Scapular-Thoracic Joint and in the Self-Perception of the Technical Gesture in High Competition Swimmers”
  • Physiotherapist at Escola Futebol Benfica Olivais, Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Physiotherapist at Clínica Fisio Roma, Lisbon (Portugal)