WAHOO ELEMNT Rival Multisport GPS Watch

The ELEMNT RIVAL multisport watch keeps the focus on your performance, not your equipment!

By using the intuitive ELEMNT operating system, RIVAL offers a simple user experience.

Unique multisport features such as touchless transition, multisport transfer and Perfect View Zoom create an even performance advantage, whether in training or competition.

Designed with a 64-colour screen, a ceramic rim and gorilla glass lenses, the ELEMNT RIVAL not only looks great for everyday use, but will also stand up to your toughest workouts.


  • Free APP ELEMNT Companion, effortlessly guides you through a step-by-step setup so you can create custom activity profiles, track performance, update firmware and share workout data effortlessly.
  • Start your Triathlon with just one touch and let RIVAL do all the work when it comes to monitoring your performance. In triathlon mode, Touchless Transition allows the watch to automatically transition through the different stages of the triathlon, from swimming, cycling or even running, without having to interact with it other than at the start and finish.
  • Connect your GPS profiles to ELEMNT RIVAL for a seamless viewing experience during the cycling leg of your training or race. This feature allows the GPS to display cumulative exercise metrics on the watch, while you keep track on the watch.
  • A 5kms run after swimming? The Multisport Manual feature allows you to use the lap button to switch between training profiles, when moving from one activity to the next, without interrupting your total training tracking.
  • Easy-access buttons on the side allow you to zoom in and out of data fields with ease. Zoom in to view only one data field or zoom out to view up to six data fields.
  • Edit your triathlon or pool swim for the most accurate representation of your performance. In the ELEMNT Companion APP, you can manually edit each leg of your triathlon to match official race times or swim lap data to accurately reflect your training.
  • It features a vibrant 64-colour 1.2″ (30.4 mm) screen that makes viewing your data easier than ever.
  • Automatically adjusts the watch’s screen display for optimal visibility indoors and outdoors.
  • Built for fashion and functionality, the ELEMNT RIVAL features a ceramic bezel to deliver the enhanced GPS signal with scratch resistance.
  • The thin, lightweight, impact-resistant Gorilla® glass screen ensures ELEMNT RIVAL withstands the toughest conditions.
  • Wrist-based optical heart rate technology enables ELEMNT RIVAL to display real-time heart rate and calorie data.
  • ELEMNT RIVAL inherently tracks the following metrics without the use of a paired external sensor: speed, distance, training time, swim lengths, pace, stroke count, stroke frequency, SWOLF.
  • When paired with TICKR X, ANT + Running Dynamics are recorded and displayed on the watch for real-time feedback. Seeing this data in real time can help you make form adjustments, such as proper cadence, to improve your performance during training.
  • It is capable of transmitting your heart rate to other devices, such as GPS and third-party apps.
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth can connect to heart rate monitors, power meters, speed and cadence sensors.
  • Pre-configured with activity profiles that can be customised with preferred metrics in the ELEMNT add-on app.
  • Provides on-screen pop-up alerts to notify you when important contacts are trying to contact you. Available only if you are near your smartphone and can be easily turned off with the “Do Not Disturb” mode. *Email notifications available only on iOS devices.
  • Live Track allows you to share a link by sms or email using the ELEMNT Companion APP, so that other people can follow it in real time on the Live Track web portal. Perfect for keeping you safely located by your loved ones, tracked by a coach or even meeting other athletes on the way. This feature is only available if you are training with your smartphone.
  • Use it to control the KICKR BIKE, the KICKR, KICKR CORE or KICKR SNAP in three different modes – level mode, ERG mode and passive mode.
  • Powered by a USB rechargeable battery with up to 24 hours of battery life in GPS mode and 14 days in smartwatch mode.
  • Fully integrated with your favourite apps: Strava, Training Peaks, Today’s Plan, Train XHALE, Google Fit, Apple Health and Relieve.